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Advanced Printers Activity Logger - Intelligent Print Auditing Solution!



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Markku Launonen, Services Marketing, Canon Europe says: "These days there are many drivers as to why businesses should adopt a print strategy and therefore look into a print audit to assess areas that need specific attention. In fact optimising existing document output, production and print fleet could potentially lead to a business saving of 30%. With the amount of information circulating around the workplace increasing between 30-40% annually, businesses need to manage this area more effectively to ensure costs don't spiral out of control."

The expenses on printing documents (paper, toner, printer maintenance) are very sensitive even for a medium-size enterprise. There are special printing audit programs available to optimize the expenses and ensure the rational usage of printers in an organization. Such printing audit programs enable you to carry out the detailed analysis of the printer hardware usage, document flow volume, and the amount of money the organization spends for printing of those documents.

Besides that, it is often necessary to know the state of a particular printer, and who and what is printing on it. The printing audit allows not only to find out the current situation in that area but also work out the ways to reduce the expenses, the ways to deploy the optimum paperwork tracking solution, and set the long-term control over all of the organization’s printing means.

Advanced Printers Activity Logger® 1.2 is a Windows NT/2000/XP utility that monitors both local and network printers and keeps track of all printing activity.

Advanced Printers Activity Logger gathers the detailed information about each printing job:

  • Queue jobs
  • Document name (application was used to print)
  • Name of the user, who have created the job
  • User’s computer name
  • Date and time the job started
  • Name of the printer
  • Total size of the job in pages
  • Number of the pages printed
  • Number of bytes printed
  • Job status (printed, spooling, deleted, error, etc.)

Advanced Printers Activity Logger monitors a complete set of printer parameters and print jobs parameters.

Audit printing activity across your network with Advanced Printers Activity Logger and cut wasted money resulting from uncontrolled printing!

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