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Features Overview

Advanced Printers Activity Logger® 1.2 is a Windows NT/2000/XP utility that monitors both local and network printers and keeps track of all printing activity.

Now you can cut wasted money resulting from uncontrolled and irresponsible printing!

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Key Features

  • Keeps track of all print jobs with detailed information
  • Monitors a complete set of printer parameters and print jobs parameters (up to 92)
  • Runs as a Windows NT/2000/XP service. Includes separate application to control the monitoring service and view/export/print log journals
  • Uses fast and reliable Interbase/Firebird 6 database for storing data (it's included in the installation)
  • 3 types of log journals: Print Jobs Journal, Printer Events and Jobs Events Journal, Application Events Journal
  • Powerful filters for easy data finding
  • Export to MS Excel, MS Word, CSV, HTML, XML and DB formats
  • Multi-language interface
  • 5 Editions allow you to select the one that best fits your needs!

Click to enlargePrint Jobs Journal

Print Jobs Journal contains detailed information about each print job:

  • Date and time the job queued
  • Document name
  • Name of the user, who have created the job
  • Name of the computer
  • Total size of the job in pages
  • Number of the pages printed
  • Total size of the job in bytes
  • Number of bytes printed
  • Job status (printed, spooling, deleted, error, etc.)
  • Date and time the job started
  • Date and time the job finished
  • Name of the printer
  • Driver version
  • Orientation of the paper
  • Size of the paper
  • Paper length
  • Paper width
  • Scale factor
  • Number of copies
  • Printer resolution (X-resolution)
  • Color or monochrome
  • Whether double-sided printing is used
  • Y-resolution
  • The way TrueType fonts should be printed
  • Whether collation should be used
  • Name of the form (Letter, A4, etc.)
  • ICM handling method
  • ICM Intent
  • Type of the media being printed on
  • Dithering type
  • ICC Manufacturer
  • ICC Model


For your convenience, Advanced Printers Activity Logger® 1.2 is available in 5 editions. The difference between editions is in the number of printers, that can be monitored simultaneously.

Edition Number of Printers Price Order Link
Standard 1 $39 Order Now
Standard Plus up to 4 $69 Order Now
Professional up to 9 $145 Order Now
Professional Plus up to 19 $285 Order Now
Enterprise unlimited $495 Order Now

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